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Breeding Objectives

Breeding first class Angus bulls on commercial herd principles, maximising growth and yield while maintaining maternal qualities – Since 1996.

It is exciting for us to announce we are joining sixty females this year, all of which are to AI, and are looking forward to increasing our number of bulls for sale as well as adding depth and excellence of genetics to our existing female herd in years to come.

At weaning we undergo a extensive culling program for both bulls and heifers insuring the fundamental traits valued in our herd, such as fertility, structure, growth and a quiet temperament are improved and maintained.

We further ensure we are offering a superior product to our clients, by assessing the animals overall package when bulls are at 400 days and heifer‘s after their first calf. By evaluating at these times we are able to ensure we meet our rigid expectations we set as quality breeders. Triple A believe by putting our commercial client at the centre of our breeding programme we are breeding quality angus bulls on commercial herd principals. After all the fundamental principal of breeding bulls is increasing the profitability of our client’s commercial herds.

Triple A prides itself on delivering consistently bred Angus bulls to the commercial buyer. This promotes easy calving, rapid growth-rate and big yielding steers and heifers. Productively and efficiently increasing our clients bottom line.

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Triple A Angus