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Triple A Angus

Polly's first birthday

About Us

Triple A Angus Stud was established in 1997, by sisters Eliza, Anna and Emma Redden. Since this day through natural increase and guidance from our Stud Principles (Mum and Dad) we have watched the ladies grow in numbers.

It is exciting for us to announce we are joining sixty females this year, fifty of which to AI and are looking forward to increasing our number of bulls for sale as well as adding depth and excellence of genetics to our existing female herd.

Triple A Angus is a family run operation. Initially our stud was managed by our wonderful parents, however sadness and Cancer has left our Mum, Janet Redden, as the “Chief of Staff”.

With over thirty years experience in the commercial livestock industry our Mum, with Dad watching over, soundly excels in the nutrition and health of all animals at “Koorooya.”

Triple A Angus

Triple A Angus

Alex, Eliza and Polly


Anna and Lachlan

Janet & Em

Janet and Emma


Eliza is the eldest of the Redden girls, and after completing a Bachelor of Rural Science with Honours in Genetics at UNE she now specialises in agribusiness banking with Westpac. Eliza uses her professional knowledge for the genetic makeup of our herd and annual AI program, whilst keeping a sound overview on the finances, naturally.

Eliza married Alex Smith back in March, 2012 and before celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary, they welcomed Polly Joyce Smith on the 11th of April. Miss Polly has already shown a strong liking to all things Triple A and is set to join the mustering team on her new steed Lolly (pictured at Polly’s 1st birthday party.) The special milestones continued into 2015 as the Smith’s welcomed their baby boy Angus Paul Smith on the 19th of February. Gus is also ready to join the Triple A team and brings a much needed male addition to balance the army of ladies here at Triple A.

The Smith family reside north of Glen Innes at Rangers Valley Feedlot, where Alex supervises the Feed Mill and Eliza is continuing her work with Premium Ag Westpac outside of maternity leave.

Anna fits second in line and after completing a Bachelor of Social Science at UNE, she is currently utilising her journalism and public relations skills as a private contractor. Anna’s role within the stud is predominately promotion and marketing of our valued product.

Anna and Lachlan Charlton were married in Bathurst, April 2012. Three years on they are thrilled to welcome their baby girl Adeline (Addy) May Charlton born 16th of February.
The Charlton family are now based at Baldry NSW, where Lachie operates his sheep and cattle pregnancy scanning business and Anna is busy enjoying and adjusting to life as a new mum.

And third down the line is Emma. Em after completing her Bachelor of AgriBusiness at UNE has recently been appointed livestock administration manager for Davidson Cameron & Co based in Gunnedah NSW. Em is kept busy on weekends studying to become a pilot and assisting mum at Koorooya. Em’s calm and relaxed attitude is reflected in our quiet temperament within Triple A and something she fondly attributes to years in the yards with Dad.

With the watchful eye of Mum at home and Dad above, the youngest Em, says she isn’t in a hurry to lose the Redden surname.

Although a couple of surname changes have occurred and new additions to the team keep Granny Redden well and truly occupied, the three Redden sisters all remain heavily involved in the stud management and overall operation of Triple A Angus and look forward to the next generation enjoying the same.

We look forward to welcoming you to Koorooya.

Mark Redden
Mark Thomas Redden
Age 56


With 2011 charging off to a horrible start for Triple A Angus Stud, we would like to take the time in updating all current and future clients on our great loss.

For over a year our father, Mum’s soul mate and Triple A Angus Stud principle, Mark Redden battled with what was thought to be rheumatoid arthritis.

Unfortunately the pains grew worse and treatment was moved to St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney. Where just a week following admission, Dad was diagnosed with stage four, incurable pancreatic cancer.

It was here as you can imagine our world was turned upside down and our once strong and extraordinarily mentally tough Dad lost the treacherous fight to cancer, merely weeks after his diagnosis.

Today our focus is to make our father proud and continue the success of Triple A Angus Stud.

His guidance and extensive knowledge of animal health, nutrition and temperament over the years, gives us the strength to continue and show him how great a teacher he was!!
He will remain the most important man in all of our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our story.